The Monstrous Make-up Manual

Book #1                                                    by Mike Spatola

The Monstrous Make-up Manual by Mike Spatola is the most jam-packed technique and photo-rich PDF book on Monster Make-up ever produced.

With nearly 300 pages and 786 high-res photos, Mike teaches you everything from simple paint and powder make-ups to foam latex appliances, to state of the art silicone and Pros-Aide Transfers.


Now Available in Digital CD and as an 8.5 x 11 gorgeous printed version.

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p 286 applying Frankenstein pieces

p 223 airbrush techniques

p 210 applying Pros-Aide Transfers

p 214 painting Pros-Aide Transfers

p 185  making dentures

p 194  applying Silicone appliances

p 73  stretch and stipple wrinkles

p 79  “out of the kit” wounds

p 25 Aging with paint

p 194  applying Silicone appliances

p 178  making  Pros-Aide Transfers

p 143  sculpting techniques

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"The Monstrous Make-Up Manual is an awesome step by step guide of the techniques of special make-up effects. A must have for beginners and professionals alike.”    Robert Kurtzman, Creature Corps / Precinct 13 Ent.

What Will I Learn?

LOTS!!  Everything from where to get your supplies (with embedded hot links that will take you directly to the supplier’s web sites in the digital versions) to basics, paint and powder make-ups, a ton of 3-D Out of the Kit techniques, full 3-D construction make-ups, to taking face casts, sculpting, making molds, and creating prothetic appliances out of foam latex, encapsulated silicone and even the latest technology of Prosthetic Transfers. And finally, finished Prosthetic Make-ups using the different types of appliances. There’s over 26 different finished make-ups in this pdf book, and about a bazillion techniques to learn! And, best of all, it’s written in plain English without a lot of technical jargon, and over 750 photos to illustrate the techniques used.

“It’s excellent and very detail oriented. Don’t change a thing! This is an excellent manual for professionals as well as amateurs alike. Great Job!” Oscar and multiple EMMY Award winner, Matthew Mungle, Los Angeles, CA

“I got mine! I love love love it. Really great photography. Good job. One little downside: I'm so into exploring this book that I can't seem to put it aside to finish working. I keep trying to get my work done, but I'm too distracted by this book. I've already found a few things I'm dying to try, and I haven't even read the thing. If I don't get my work done today, it's gonna be YOUR FAULT.”                         Gina Ortiz-Sodano, Los Angeles , CA

Traditional Book or PDF? You Choose!

Because this is the most photo-rich monster make-up guide ever produced, I wanted to include stunning images, and as many step-by-step photos as possible to enhance the learning experience. I’ve embedded high-res 300 ppi photographs into this PDF version of this book. Photos that you can blow up on your laptop or iPad as large as you like (up to 800%) to see ALL the detail. To do that with a traditional book, you’d need a magnifying glass. Viewing this book as a PDF was the BEST way to really see all 786 high-res images in all their glory! (It’s over 400 megabytes!!)You just can’t do that with a traditional paper book.

But- if you want a gorgeous 8.5 x 11 printed book, with all the same beautiful images, al faithfully reproduced. We have that too! It’s up to you. 

ATTENTION!!! Check the bottom of this page for the NEW 8.5x11 beautifully printed version that’s NOW AVAILABLE!!!

“Buy the book. That's the best advice I can give anyone who is interested in makeup & special makeup effects. Mike makes it easy to understand the how's & why's of makeup application. The incredible amount of crisp, clear pictures that detail each process make this book like no other on the market anywhere. I only wish I had this book when I was starting out - you never would have heard the name Rick Baker.”    Bob Brown, Livingston, Montana

“Well as a long-time student of Dick Smith's Advanced Professional Makeup course, I guess after a fashion I am a student of a makeup school although NOT in the traditional sense. But what you've done with this book is to take what Dick did nearly 50 years ago now and expand that idea from what at that time was a superb makeup book with simple, low budget possibilities and create some really fun and interesting things. You've gone leaps ahead with this book and have done things that while similar in approach go well beyond what Dick did and created a valuable learning tool that can be utilized for fun but is equally as valuable to more advanced artists with the ideas, tips, tricks, techniques and more.

I can't say enough good things about this. Format is great, photography is incredible, you've covered the bases in my estimation. NO parting SHOTS except perhaps a shot in the arm of support and accolade for putting together a really great treatise. I cannot imagine it being any better than this and just look forward to future editions with more stuff. A vast career of experience being passed along in much the same way Dick Smith's legacy has provided for us all these years. THANKS for that Mike. Well done.”  Bill Barto, Nicholasville, KY Owner of

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Who is Mike Spatola?

Mike Spatola is a make-up artist with over 30 years professional experience. Although he’s flown under the radar for most of his career, he’s actually been nominated by his peers TWICE for Outstanding Individual Achievement In Make-up EMMY Awards, and TWICE for Best Make-up Cable ACE Awards. Mike’s worked on all types and budgets and films from “Return of the Living Dead” to “Stargate” and “Terminator 2” and is probably best known for being the Make-up Effects Supervisor for a few seasons of HBO’s “Tales From The Crypt.” Before his “Hollywood” career, Mike cranked out monster make-ups, day in and day out at The Brigantine Castle- a 5 story haunted castle amusement in Brigantine, New Jersey. After 6 years of the haunted house business, it was time to move to Hollywood. You’ll find that Mike’s a skilled instructor. He’s a teacher with the ability to explain methods so they are extremely easy to understand.

“Mike Spatola is the coolest damned makeup artist in the business. This book makes me want to run out to my office and start sculpting. Keep it up man, you're doing great! It was flawless.”       Steve Gomolski, Dover, DE

For me, as a professional, I love your book as a reference for the things that I don't do everyday and the photos are fantastic! And, it is much more informative that the books that we grew up with. For people just starting out, it is a treasure trove of information!”  Robert DeStefan, Los Angeles, CA

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Who Is This Book For?

This book is for:

Amateur make-up artists wanting more knowledge of professional techniques. This book doesn’t just teach monster stuff- you’ll learn solid techniques for creating all kinds of character make-ups! (Monsters are just a fun way to present it.)

Haunted House owners and employees that want to improve the quality of their haunts.

Budding young ‘gore mongers’ (like I was, when I was a kid).

Professional Make-up Artists that want to know more high-end 3-D stuff to add to their arsenal.

Hobbyists that are interested in learning how to make incredible monsters for fun, and for Halloween.

Page Excerpts:

The following few examples are actual page samples from The Monstrous Make-up Manual.


Hey Mike, The disc of your book came yesterday; read it today and really like it a lot! The photos are terrific and I think the tutorials are laid out well. I'll definitely promote it!”

Todd Debreceni, author “Special Make-up Effects for Stage and Screen

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Why Get It Now?


The printed book is a steal at the new price of $44.95 (remember going to make-up school for upwards of$10,000- or the book for under $50) but if you order before the timer runs out below you’ll get almost 300 pages of education, plus 786 high-res images in the original pdf DIGITAL VERSION of this book at the special price of $44.95 with FREE U.S. SHIPPING. (sorry, from now on there is NO international shipping.)

Ordering The Monstrous Make-up Manual book directly from this site will be the only way you’ll be able to get the gorgeous digital version of this book, at the price that I alone set.

NOTE: Although the digital version is technically an e-book, the original high-res version is only available on disk. Shipping will be required. With all the embedded high-res photographs this “book” IS OVER 400 megabytes of info. It must be sent on disk.

Once the timer runs out, or the current stock runs out, the digital disk version will only be available by special order at a substantially higher cost. Why not order it NOW, while the DIGITAL VERSION is still available at the current pricing? Your book will ship within 48 hours of ordering  Quantity and wholesale pricing is available!

“ I’m telling the world! I can't find anything to improve upon! I think it's an amazing piece of work and a steal at the price. It's great for those that are somewhat knowledgable in the techniques, but also very helpful to those that haven't had any experience with certain materials or techniques.”

Mitchell McKeown, Lincoln NE

“I attended a two week private course in Michigan that focused on out of the kit techniques for the first week and a making a simple foam latex mold the second week. What I found invaluable in your book was the actual pax, rmg, and skin illustrator applications! Also, your 50/50 alcohol and spirit gum trick is something I'm dying to try as I've only used pros-aid on the edges of a foam piece. I have Todd Debreceni's book and his work with silicone wasn't as easy to follow as yours in my opinion. :) Well done! I WILL be purchasing book #2 when you put it out! MMM is an absolute must. Not only does it cover tried and true techniques, it also offers insight to newer makeup applications that hobbyists or newer artists wouldn't be able to obtain without paying large sums of money for! To sum it up: MMM = invaluable.”  Christina Newman, Waterford, MI

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